samara siskind

copywriter. greeting card writer/illustrator. playwright. not necessarily in that order.  

Softies - Sunny

Adora Softies are a sweet, caring, and cheerful group of do-gooding plush dolls who love to spread smiles & kindness everywhere they go. If you need a fun-loving friend who will always help you look on the bright side, "Sunny" is your girl. A bursting beacon of light, she loves to brighten anyone’s day! She is made of ultra soft, brightly colored microfiber plush. This freckled face sweetheart's sunny yellow hair is accented with detailed embroidery, a perfect complement to her lavender dress.

hi, i'm samara.

i'm a playwright, greeting card writer, and freelance copywriter on the side. fun fact: i created my own line of greeting cards called idiomsyncrasies, featuring botched up idioms and my own toonish illustrations. i've penned copy for a wide range of clients including nobleworks inc, paradise galleries, adora play, letterfolk, and others.